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Affordable Portable Housing Hawaii


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Intelligent, Alternative and Conventional Structures
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Shipping Container Sales

Homes, Bldgs., Workshops etc.

Shipping Container Homes


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Aloha! At Affordable Portable Housing Hawaii, we are working in three major areas-
1- Designing and building high-value, truly affordable alternative homes & buildings, specifically designed to be outfitted with alternative power & other systems.
2- Shipping container sales and outfitting containers for offices, classrooms, homes, and other structures that are very portable and strong.
3- Proposing legislation that will make zoning exceptions for affordable housing projects that serve the homeless and those in severe need of affordable housing in areas that are currently lacking infrastructure.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the information on this website. That will allow us to more effectively work with you on your home, workshop or office ideas in person, or on the phone. Thank you!

Affordable Portable Housing of Hawaii is dedicated to helping people who are struggling to survive in Hawaii with alternative housing options that are affordable, quickly built and value rich. Our top recommendation for building materials/systems is AAC or aerated autoclaved concrete. At first glance, it looks and feels like solid concrete, but actually it is 1/3 to 1/4 the weight of concrete, and is the most successful building material/system in the world. Click here to read about the amazing properties of AAC. It costs about 10% more than a conventional wood home, and delivers the highest value for your money. No termites or rust, quiet and cool!

Next on our list- for those who are not too close to the ocean is steel frame with OSB or T1-11 siding. OSB and T1-11 siding is used by just about every savvy contractor because termites do not like it, and it is affordable and durable against moisture and weather. Steel frame home materials cost a bit more overall compared to wood frame homes, but if you are building where termites thrive, this is an intelligent option. There are some issues with steel frame homes such as higher cost and uneven thermal performance, but it is a good option wherever termites are thriving.

If you are near the oceans salt spray and you want a conventional looking home, we recommend a wood home that is re-treated with additional borite once the roof is on.  Termites hate borite, and it is very worthwhile to re-treat all wood, especially cut ends and framing that may have been exposed to rain which can leach out borite from the factory treated lumber. The cost is very small, and well worth the effort. We make portable and non-portable versions of most designs, & financing is the same process as any conventional home, if you can get the bank to lend the money.  Most of our clients take things in phases, doing the “rough-in dry-in” right away, and finishing the interior as funds are available. Let us show you how to get things going before something else pulls the money out of your wallet, further delaying your dream.

We are also certified builders, representing a major heavy steel frame manufacturer - Rigid Global, with the best reputation in the business, and offer all types of 100% steel homes & buildings that are pre-engineered and totally custom. These heavy steel frame homes and commercial buildings are easily financed.

For the very strongest portable structures, our shipping container structures are a great solution. Shipping container structures can be built at our manufacturing facility on Oahu, and delivered 90-100% finished. Permitted container homes are generally best built completely on-site. We offer custom modification/fabrication, but we can also just sell you an unmodified shipping container if you so desire. To date, we have a 100% success rate obtaining permits for shipping container structures. Our Drafting and Architectural teams have a close working relationship with the bldg & planning depts., and we walk the permits all the way thru for you at a very reasonable cost.

We also offer photovoltaic & wind powered systems that supplement power for those on or off the grid who want to live more green and/or want freedom from the power company.

A very exciting possibility that we see is for non-profit groups who could obtain leases on land that is not developed, has little or no infrastructure, and is not currently earmarked for a particular use. The idea is that they could obtain very affordable leases and quickly set up a group of portable units that could serve the clients of these non-profit service agencies right away instead of waiting forever to gather millions of dollars to buy land and build permanent structures. Less desirable lands could now have a use. These groups could pick up and move somewhere else after their lease of say 8 years runs out. Tax incentives could be created to encourage land owners to offer 5-10 year leases on their land for this purpose.

Our mobile structure’s electricity is solar, and the hot water & cooking systems run on propane. The electricity generated from the sun will be stored in batteries that will run refrigeration, small appliances, lighting, a broadband receiver that will offer a wireless broadband computer connection and a modem type “vonage” phone, water purification system, a television, radio and etc. Our mobile home will be built to catch rain water from its roof and store it in a portable bladder for showering, cooking and drinking. In more permanent applications, you would utilize a 3-5000 gallon tank system. Read more…

One of the applications we envision is on Hawaiian Homelands for the purpose of allowing Hawaiians a chance to get something operating on their land where the infrastructure might not be fully developed, and that can be moved easily and be affordable to build and operate. Obviously others can also benefit from the alternative power and sanitation technologies. The other application is for the homeless. Perhaps the state might like the idea of its portability and use as transitional structures that can move anywhere and be largely self-sufficient. We applaud the State's new homeless projects in Kaka’ako & Waianae, and their new affordable Waipahu condos. Our niche might be in working with small communites and those that might prefer to be in a more private living arrangement. Read more…

We are hopeful to help DLNR and the State Forestry dept. with a creative way to help eradicate invasive plants In our state forests. Portable living and storage structures could be air lifted into the forests and folks could possibly caretake a certain area in exchange for the use of one of these self-sufficient living quarters. This would cost a lot less than paying state workers. To date, we have volunteered our services building shelters for DLNR with our donated labor.Our forests are getting destroyed rapidly by invasive plants. This could be part of the solution. Read more…

Yet another use we see is to develop mobile units to be used for emergency relief situations here or anywhere in the world. The fact that it can operate for a long time without needing permanent energy infrastructure seems to us to be a huge plus. The broadband receiver gives it internet and phone connectivity, and photovoltaic power systems can easily power that and more. Read more…

Affordable Portable Housing

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