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Affordable Portable Housing Hawaii


Telephone: (808) 953-2005
Text us at: (808) 282-0042
See the new Sukup Home!

Design-build-- Drafting, Permits & Complete Development Services!
Shipping Containers-- Offices • Classrooms • Homes • Modifications site last modified 11/21/2017
Intelligent, Alternative and Conventional Structures We buy containers and mobile offices.

NEW!   All-steel
Hi Quality Modular Homes
and offices. PU foam insulation
We are ready to go!
Our 320 sf All-Steel Modular Home
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Special on fully
equipped 20' mobile
office $10,300

Shipping Container Sales

Homes, Bldgs., Workshops etc.

Shipping Container Homes


Drafting, Permits etc.

Renovations- Oahu & B. I.

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Our Recommendations & Tips


Recent Projects


Mobile Container Offices All Islands From $10,300

Spare rooms Classrooms Bath Rooms - Sheds

A+ rating Honest, Reliable & Experienced Team

Offering Complete Flexibility to Owner Builders

All-Steel Modular Homes + Container Homes

Offering the Lowest Cost Sukup Steel Home

Portable Lava Runner Homes

AAC Aerated Concrete Block Homes

Conventional “Stick” Homes

Affordable Portable Housing

Oahu office in Kailua town.

Container modification facilities at Kapolei, Oahu.
By appointment only, Phone call required before face to face meeting.