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Our legal & permittable single 40’ container home
Scroll down for double-wide container apt.

The Cheapest Possible Home?

Our customer has been issued, as of mid-april 2008, a legal bldg permit for our single 40’ hi-cube shipping container home. It is a legal home. There are not a lot of built-ins or counter tops etc. This is because there is a law which states that there is a minimum number of unencumbered square feet to qualify as a legal home, so we have designed it to meet the legal minimums. From this, you can add-on later with another container structure that connects to it, and have a small efficiency apartment with bathroom and kitchen to live in while building your dream home or future addition connected to this single container home base. With our legal single container home, you have an instant roof over your head with bathroom, shower kitchen, living area and secure storage the minute you put this single 40’ container on your property. Don’t forget- you could permit this as an office or workshop and have less requirements plus a permanent structure to boot! We produce these at our Kalaeloa facility and ship out to the neighbor islands. You can order it single or double wall, insulated or not. Cost varies greatly depending on the options selected. Let us design one just for you, custom design is included with every home at no charge.

Can you get financing for a container home? Click here to view our video on this subject.

Take a look at our cool C-shaped modular home that can be made from shipping containers or wood.

Double-wide Hawaiian Affordable Housing Container Home Plans

What you are looking at are the final plans of our double wide container home. It is two containers put side by side with the common walls completely cut out for a 16x40 interior space offering 640 sq ft under roof. Notice the spacious kitchen design and ventilating skylights. Even though it’s a metal home, its cooler than a wood home with our NXT Cool Coat heat reflecting paint, ventilating skylights and liberal windows for nice ventilation.
We have purposely not put a lanai onto this home because you can add that later any way you want after you basically “get a roof over your head” for the most reasonable cost possible, and that is our mission with this simple design. The obvious place to put a lanai on this home would be in front of the dining room area. You could also put up a retractable awning for even less. We can work with you to add a lanai or awning any way you want to. We offer his home turn-key at a very reasonable cost depending on flooring, cabinet and other options desired. You tell us how much help you need, which options you want etc, and we can quote you the costs based on exactly what you want and what you want us to do for you. We now offer a new floor plan that most folks are liking even more because it has the bedrooms on each end so you don't have to enter one of the bedrooms from an outside entrance. One bedroom on the left, the other on the right. Email us and we can email you that floor plan for your inspection. Call or email us for a price quote as we are killing it on the price!

With this 640 sq ft home, some folks are asking- “how do you get to bedroom 1 from the living area”? The answer is- when you only have a 16’ wide space, the best use of the space is to not put in a hallway so to make each bedroom larger. We have given you the maximum living space and bedroom size with this design at the expense of no hallway. As you can see, there are two small landings at each entrance. Bedroom #1 has its own outside entrance! One option we can provide for those security conscious folks out there is metal shutters that completely cover each window and doorway, and lock for maximum security. The first bldg permit for this design, and also for our single container home were issued mid-april 2008. That was a significant moment for those wanting to build homes with shipping containers. The exciting thing is you can either build this home and add-on a similar 640 sq ft double-wide structure later in an L-shape with deck, or perhaps add-on two double-wide structures to make a C-shaped home with large deck in the center, sort of like what we have designed with our modular home, but with much more area and width than the modular home. You can also integrate single wide containers or whatever you have in mind. Basically, we have engineered a double-wide container structure, and that sets the stage for all kinds of home designs using double-wide shipping containers. This design here made with metal shutters covering all doorways and windows is the most secure home we have seen anywhere, and is perfect as a starter home built in Puna or oceanview areas where security is extremely important to most people. You can add a 20’ container for storage and laundry room with a roof connecting it to the home to make a covered garage or similar space. The possibilities are endless!

We also have designs for very cost-effective two container homes where the containers are separated by 12-18 feet and the metal cut out from the containers inside walls is used to weld across that 12-18 foot gap with a trussed roof over the entire home. This will give you a considerably larger home with 1120-1360 sq ft under roof.

We can design whatever you want, and you will see more plans in the future on this website. Keep checking back. Call us to discuss the possibilities at 808-339-5639.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the information on this website. That will allow us to more effectively work with you on your home, workshop or office ideas in person, or on the phone. Thank you!

Can You Get Financing for a Container Home in Hawaii?

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