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Modular Home Photos

This is the entry wall with custom framed 72" x 80" french door rough opening. The door will slip right into this opening, and a large retractable canvas awning will be centered over the door to create a nicely shaded outdoor area.

Inside the roughed in home, you are looking at the two factory windows in the LR. Notice the flat steel interior walls. The windows crank open and tilt in from the top, or you can release a lever and the entire window swings against the interior wall for 100% airflow thru the rough opening. Very cool windows...

Closer look at the rolling steel shutters on factory window exterior. A little added security and a nice touch!

Custom rough opening at right for the 6' sliding glass door. To left of that opening will be a solid wall panel. The factory team did not put it up when photo was taken. They were kind enough to put it together to show us a rough assembly.

Bathroom window seen to left, one of two kitchen windows to right. You can order yours with thicker 3" wall panels if you want the wall panels to be flush to the frame. Not a super low cost option, but perfect for those who do not want anyone to say "Gee! Looks like a shipping container."

Factory custom designed and built kitchen cabinets and countertop. Right in front of the sink are 2 factory windows (32" W x 42" H) they also built us a slick, full height 24" wide pantry. Come and see the home when it is all done. We think It will be a very cool, small modular home. Let us design yours. Again, thank you for your significant patience. Patience is a virtue...

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