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Modular Updates

April 12, 2017 update- Customers on Kauai and Oahu can design and draft right now, all clear at the Bldg Depts there. Met with Kona Bldg Dept on March 23, 2017 and it was extremely positive. The architect we met with there, who is the plan reviewer for kona will be meeting with the housing task force very shortly and was so excited about this metal modular product that he will discuss our product with the task force, and said go ahead and submit everything. We are finalizing the foundation and roof plans on our 480 sf home that is made specifically for the big islands requirements, and we expect full approval very soon. You can get a permit issued in 2 weeks for this 480 sf home, and pretty darn quick for a custom design using the modular product. Our architect is the only one in Hawaii County who gets permits issued with no poured concrete footings, and that is what to expect with the modular product also. Big money saver! Call any architect in the book and you will see that no one else is willing to do this. Our architect challenged the Bldg Dept and won. Call or email for more information. Thanks to all for their patience and understanding. This has been a monumental task, and now we are bearing the fruits of this effort. Its about time! John Rogers, Owner

Oct 10, 2015 update- We are expecting the engineer to be finished with his analysis and stamp the project this coming week! Patience is a virtue to be sure. Our model home, which is a 320 sq ft 16' X 20' double wide is on its way to Oahu. The factory was kind enough to do a ROUGH ASSEMBLY, photos can be seen by clicking here. It is not trimmed out inside or outside, so please don't judge it too severely, it is in its rough form and i thought folks might want to see it. Notice the completely flat steel walls inside and out. No drywall anywhere! It is going to look amazing when we put it together, trim it out and install the 6' wide french entry door, 6' sliding glass door and the kitchen cabinets. The factory did all the millwork for us, including a really nice full height pantry. Floor plan is shown on the linked page, we think its the ultimate 320 sq ft design anywhere. We will be installing a retractable bedroom divider so one can open up the entire space when they want, and cordon off the bedroom, shut out the light from the living area and sleep. We are thinking of installing a murphy bed so when people come to view it, they can see exactly what living in this small home would be like. Small stainless island and some other embellishments are in the works. We are told we can build it in the Kailua area, can't say where yet, but we will update everyone as soon as its ok to announce. Finally, the factory is telling us that we should be able to use the material certification from a project on the US mainland, and once we get that in our hands, we will get it thru the bldg dept on Oahu, then big island, Maui then kauai. We also are forging a solid relationship with a much less expensive, all-steel modular product that has not formally gone thru the engineering and certifications that our main product has. We plan on putting together some really clean looking mobile offices and larger modular space for clients who are keen to lease or own our units.

August 10, 2015 update- Sorry it has taken so long. There are many moving parts, and finally we have negotiated a deal with the manufacturer. It is not at the pricing we really wanted, but it is doable. We now have also figured out ALL the engineering requirements and material certifications. Anything from a foreign country, especially China, requires stringent materials testing and certification by a USA chemical engineer from a USA firm, and review and stamp from a hawaii licensed Structural Engineer. Our costs on all this are quite significant, and we are moving forward. We have exclusives on the only modular product made in China that will be accepted by Hawaii Bldg Dept for a legal, permitted home. You are looking at approx $75 per square foot landed at whatever port you want in hawaii for the modules, no delivery or labor is included in that price estimate, just the actual modules. This is based on an entire container going to any particular port. We can fit qty 6- 8' x 20' flat packs into 1- 40' hi cube container. We will do our best to put multiple customers orders together that are on the same island for shipping efficiency. Yes, we are available to design draft permit and build on Oahu and Big Island. For Maui and Kauai- we can do everything except build. We do not have any team on those islands. We can manage your build if you want, but really you can get a local contractor to do your foundation, then you assemble the modules, and then contractor builds your roofing system, or you can do that. A simple shed style roof is legal on all islands, big island does not require anything beyond the modules roof that comes with it. Then you contract electrician and plumber. Its not impossible. We do know labor is expensive on Maui and Kauai, and not easy to work with is what we always hear from people. Good news is that assembly is fast and easy. It does require a forklift to lift floor and roof sections. We will be equipped on oahu and big island to do the whole process, and we are working on getting banks to finance modular homes. We are committed even though the costs came in quite a bit higher than desired. We like the closed cell polyurethane insulation, epoxy painted brand new steel and no welding required, fast assembly, no termite worries, great in hurricanes and earthquakes, and overall high quality homes. Walls inside are metal also, no nasty drywall! That is a major plus! Call or email to get going if you are interested. Thank you for your patience!

July 4, 2015 update- Recently our team had a second meeting with Oahu's bldg chief, Head of Permitting and Planning and the Head of The Mayor's Housing Dept. We have our final list of things they need us to do, including analysis of all materials used with certification from bonafide testing company meeting all federal specs, converting all the engineering specs from metric to american and other smaller issues. They like our product a lot. The ball is in our court. Our manufacturer is going to get that done. We are negotiating final costs including required certifications. We thank you for your patience. We are more anxious than you are to get to the point where we are 100% confident that we can start designing and drafting modular homes. Once Oahu bldg dept is 100% satisfied with our product, we will be ready to go. It is a complicated process to pre-approve homes on Oahu. They have stringent requirements. My best guess is we are about 2 weeks away from being able to start drafting. Hang in there!

May 10, 2015 update- We are days away from approval at the Oahu bldg dept, and anticipate being able to start drafting modular homes on all islands within a few weeks from today.

March 27, 2015- Our Oahu pre-approved projects should be getting thru the bldg dept in approx. two weeks. At that point we should be able to start drafting projects using the modules for homes other than the pre-approved micro units we have put thru the Oahu bldg dept. (160, 320 and 640 sq ft models). The big thing with this first run thru there is to get them to approve the built in electrical and plumbing. We plan on running other pre approved models thru there after that, and with our engineering manuals for these first projects, our architect on the Big Island should be able to put together plans for custom modular homes on the Big Island. But I am thinking I need to first probably do the same thing over on the Big Island, i.e. run the same Oahu projects thru them to get them pre-approved, or at least just one of them to get them to approve of the electrical and plumbing, which is within the walls. So in short, we should be able to start drafting up what you want soon, and by the time the bldg dept approves your home, the flat pack modules will for sure be available to start buillding. Check back on this page for future updates.

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