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What the heck is “rough-in dry-in”?

This term, AKA the “dry box” refers to building your foundation, frame, doors, windows, exterior siding and complete roof system. Many of our clients do this and then live in the home while they finish off the homes interior, ie  plumbing and electrical, interior wall sheeting (drywall or other), countertops, cabinets, flooring etc. This is an austerity to be sure, but most of our customers cannot afford to rent another home while building, it is a hassle getting a flexible lease agreement and it costs money. Before moving into your unfinished dry box, we recommend that you install cesspool or septic tank, plumb in toilet, shower, and 1-2 sinks, and hook up electrical power via grid or PV/wind power system. You can do the dry box for a very reasonable price and finish off your home as money is available. You can do this without the bank lending you money if you are focused and disciplined, and have adequate money on hand to do the dry box. For those who are not disciplined, owning your own home in this harsh lending climate may never happen. We are here to walk you through the entire process one step at a time, at an incredibly reasonable cost, with total accountability and transparency. We work with clients financing their home, as well as those doing things In phases with cash.

We offer special labor rates for rough-in dry-in.

Rest assured, we will do our very best to keep your costs down. No one in the industry that we know of is more honest, efficient, flexible and transparent as we are.

Rough-in includes the foundation, framing entire structure- including interior wall framing, entire roof structure, all exterior siding, all windows and doors.

Rough-in does not include- materials, clearing and grading land (land must be ready to build on, post & pier requires less prep work), painting of exterior, electrical, plumbing. Does not include anything on the inside of structure except the framing of interior walls. Does not include any drywall or insulation inside home. We offer all these services and can quote you a price on everything. To give you a cost estimate, we require plans and a materials list so we can cost out materials and labor efficiently. Without plans and materials list, it would take us days to figure out. No one can run a business like this doing things in that way. Our drafting/architectural/engineering teams can draft and review/stamp  plans for any structure you have in mind, and walk the plans thru county bldg/permit depts. for you. That said, we recommend you get started with building the dry box for a very reasonable cost so you can actually pursue your dream of owning your own custom home. If you never start, you will never have a home to call your own. The dry box is the affordable and logical first step.
It also gives you the time to really contemplate exactly how you want to finish everything off. Throughout the rough in process, you will be keenly focused on all the new things available to you via home shows, internet research and personal visits to many vendors who can introduce you to a lot of things you may have never discovered. The alternative is sitting down looking at your plans and deciding on everything without the luxury of kicking things around and visualizing the actual spaces that you will be finishing.

To put this into dollars and cents, our 554 sq ft  Lava Runner  home dry box can be built for a total labor cost of approximately $8000 (assuming you are not far away from our bldg team). Labor costs are for post and pier foundation with wood frame. Materials would run about $17k,  so for only $25k approx., you can move-in and finish it off as money Is available. That is do-able! There is of course the cost of the land, grading, plans, permit fees, but doing this at Big Island bargain land prices is totally possible for most people without borrowing from the bank. (We service all the Hawaiian islands, but offer complete services on the Big Island and Oahu.) Cost for plans, architect review, cesspool plans and and walk-thru for permit costs you approx $2500, and installation of cesspool is approx $3000 depending, septic tank system installed starts from about $6200 depending, so total outlay is very reasonable. Land on the big island is as cheap as it ever will be. For $15k, you can buy a decent lot in a decent area. Total cost of our 554 sq ft lava runner with completely finished interior etc is about $55k, and you can do it in phases. Or design an entirely different home that fits you perfectly. We charge nothing to design your custom home, office, workshop or other structure. Another service that is free to our clients is really sound advice on what areas are your best value, which property is safest for you, and how to do  business on every island successfully. We feel that this kind of personal service is critically important to anyone building in Hawaii. Our goal is your complete happiness, not slamming an innocent person into a situation that does not work for them. You will not find a better company to work with. You can schedule a free consultation on the phone or in person by emailing or calling us. Before meeting in person, we do require a thorough phone conversation to get thru preliminary things so that our personal meeting will be most effective. Finally, with only plans and a materials list, we can accurately cost out your home. If for some reason you do not like our numbers, we will get your permit issued and you are free to work with anyone, so no matter what, you do not lose anything and we get you thru the permitting process. The vast majority of our customers like our numbers and enjoy working with our team all the way thru the building process.