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Current Container Specials

We now have qty 4- 12' X 56' office trailers on wheels for sale as of April 27, 2015. Sold as is, or we can cost out whatever you want to do to the trailers, and we have specific recommendations if interested. Prices starting at only $5k. New are approx $85k, call Hawaii Modular to find out exact current costs. The photos shown below is of the nicest one we have- it has a brand new commercial grade roof, 3 rooms, HVAC a/c, 2 doors and 8 windows. This one does need some work but not much depending on what you want to do with it. It has security metal screens over all windows, which is very secure and functional, but not necessarily exciting to look at. Cost on this one, as is - $11k. We can cost out whatever work you want to do on it so you know the total cost upfront. We have truckers who can move the unit to your property, or you can hire your own. Either way, there are absolutely no returns on these units, so you must be sure it can get onto your property. Call John Rogers at 808-859-5740 for more info, and-or to schedule a personal inspection of the units.

We have 10 used 40' container offices made from aluminum containers. They all need work. Sold as is, no returns, no warranties etc for $1500 each and up. Give us a call to schedule a time to inspect them.

1- 40’ Container on Oahu- $3200 Outstanding value!

2- 40’ in Hilo now on the ground $4100 Excellent!

3- 40's at Oahu yard- few more dents than normal $400 discount

4- Premium grade 40’ Hi-cubes at Kawaihae $4875

5- Standard grade 40’ Hi-cube at Kawaihae $4100

5- 45' Hi-Cubes - both steel and aluminum from $4200

6- Brand new 20' office- $10,700. T1-11 siding all the way around, A/C, electrical, lighting, flooring, Drywall interior, acoustic ceiling.