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Hawaii's Very First All-Steel Modular Structure

When we finished this all-steel modular office for a commercial client it was a major moment in our history! It is 8' x 40' per the clients desired dimensions. We could have built them a 16' x 20' for the same cost, but this is what they wanted for their operation. Notice the steel roll down window shades! they can go all the way up or down and anywhere inbetween. Great for keeping the sun out!

Interior photo shows the steel walls, not drywall. Very cool indeed! Heavy duty vinyl floor.

The windows and doors are super heavy duty, dual glazed and heavy as heck! Wall panel with window is 180 lbs! Super nice doors and windows, and lock sets are top notch security type. The factory windows can open completely for 100% air flow, lock shut or open at the top as shown. Notice the strap that allows you to open and close the exterior shutters to block out the sun if desired from inside the office or home. Nice stuff! We have one more of these to build for our client, then we will be building our model home shortly after the new year. Click here to see the rough assembled model home and floor plan. We are almost ready to launch residential home offerings soon, sorry for the long as heck wait, it has been more involved than expected.

Baseboards and trim are steel with flexible vinyl tops and bottoms. For a residence, we recommend nicer looking trim, but the factory includes the ones you see in this photo, your choice.