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Shipping containers for sale

Yes, we sell unmodified shipping containers to all islands, any size you want! 10s, 20s, 40s plus we can cut any size container you need- 24’, 30’ or any size! With factory swinging doors or steel roll-up doors. And- we specialize in modifications! Anything you want- doors, windows, electrical etc. All cut containers are automatically refurbished and painted with quality oil base paint at no extra charge! We also carry new containers. All of our customers receive one hour of complimentary one-on-one professional consultation on anything container related- how to install windows, doors, flooring etc. Call for pricing, our costs change often, so we cannot post on the website. 282-0042

Our prices are competitive, and delivery is cheap! That being said, the prices we pay for containers has gone thru the roof for EVERYONE in the last 2 years. Prices on 20s is incredibly high from any company, this is due to high demand and a short supply. If you have room for a 40, it is smart to buy a 40. Cost per sq ft will be about half the cost of a 20! Buying from private owners may be cheaper, but moving to your property costs a lot, so look at the total bottom line before buying a privately owned container! Plus- our used containers are freshly retired, and privately owned containers are not, and may have chronic rust on the roof. Always climb up on the roof to inspect before buying any container.

How to Choose a Shipping Container Company
We ship cargo to the neighbor islands in 40 footers, saving you guys on the neighbor islands needing 40s a ton of money! Call for details. Currently we are seeking companies wanting to ship their cargo in 20s to the neighbor islands using our containers. When that happens, we will save folks who need 20s a lot of money. Check our site periodically.

We make offices, homes, classrooms and other custom modifications etc from containers, call. We are working on some very interesting affordable homes and alternative housing for hawaii, come to this website periodically and see what is new here.

Trucking & unloading container at your property-

We can roll-off containers smoothly without the need for a forklift on many islands, saving you money. We also offer concrete blocks placed underneath your container, leveling services and more.

Our Hi-cube containers are 40’ long and all have a 9’6” exterior height. They have 9' interior ceiling height compared to 8' with standard containers. Hi-cubes give you overhead storage potential! No one manufactures Hi-cube 20s anymore, BUT- we can cut a 40 into any size you want with Hi-cube height! Any length you want, with the factory swinging doors or steel roll-up door in many different sizes. We also install standard 36” personnel doors, sliding glass doors, windows of every kind etc. There is nothing we can’t fabricate or install! And please remember- YES, we also sell totally unmodified containers all day long! 282-0042