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New Projects

Take a look below at this home we recently designed and built- The client took our existing Lava Runner plans and came up with this home which meets his personal requirements nicely. That cost him zero additional money. This version is so well conceived that we chose it out of all our designs to be featured by the National Assoc. of Realtors in their recent research paper that we participated in. It is a very comprehensive look at modular and container housing. Our client chose to go completely off the grid, and is very pleased with not having any power bills. Not only that, but in his situation of being 275’ in from the street, the entire PV system came in less than installing power poles and running wire, plus he received a 30% federal tax credit!

Below: Almost roughed in- Puna. This custom home features open-beam ceilings throughout, and a 12' wide, 4 panel sliding glass door off the lanai, facing right into the tradewinds. Note- on floorplan shown, client reversed the landing.

Custom Oahu Home- We designed, drafted and permitted

This volcano area home seen below is made from a single 40' Hi-cube shipping container, and is almost completed. It features a 10' X 20' covered lanai with two sets of sliding glass doors to make life more comfortable. The owner will soon be growing wasabi from Japan. No one has done this yet in Hawaii. Many of our customers are trail blazers!

Below: 2 of the 3 offices we built for Haleakala Astronomers, affectionately named "Mordor" and "Starship"
with the DKIST (Dan K Inouye Stereo Telescope) in bkgd.

Below: 6- 40' Hi-cube container home, Big Island

Below: Shipping container home under construction, Big Island of Hawaii.

Below: 120 sq ft Triangular shaped shed built on-site at Niu Peninsula on Oahu. Very tricky to build the roof on a triangular shaped structure. Owner opted for our suggested OSB siding with smooth cedar texture. You can see a close up photo of this siding by searching on our site map for "recommended materials".

Rough-in almost completed on this modified LavaRunner in the Hawaiian Beaches subdivision, Puna. This home could be moved fairly easily if desired. It is a permanent, permitted guest home.

Below you are looking at a 4 container single story home in the Ka’u district of the Big Island that has passed its final inspection and is almost completely finished! Containers are sitting on concrete that was poured up to the level of the interior floors. Since the floors are about 6 inches above grade, if you want your doorways to be level with the outside walkways, this is how you do it. As you can see, the owner opted for lots of glass in the living areas via 8’ and 6’ glass sliders, which are very inexpensive and not hard to install. We are very happy to see it actually get built! We can arrange for people to see it, but only if you are extremely seriously considering building a container home.

Next is a studio apartment made from a 20' shipping container. A crane was required to get it over a 4' brick wall. It features 6' sliding glass doors and a full bathroom. Customer did not want us to photograph the bathroom as it was not yet decorated. There is a 36" x 36" acrylic shower, pedestal sink and toilet, all fit within the space to the right of the sliding glass doors, 4' x 8'. This apartment is fully insulated with drywall and has A/C.


This 3 container complex was constructed in Kona recently. One 40' container for living quarters, 2 for storage, and huge workshop/garage in between the 2 storage containers.

Below are pics of a recent 3 container project- a 40' for living/sleeping, a 20' for kitchen/bath and a 20' for storage. (We apologize for the picture quality; these are scans of xeroxes.) Note the steel brackets welded to the top of the containers where the customer bolted on rafters for a roof system for all 3 containers.

Affordable Portable Housing

Oahu headquarters- 14 Aulike St. #909, Kailua, HI 96734 808-339-5639. By appointment only.
Container modification facilities at Kalaeloa, Oahu. (Near Campbell Industrial Park.)
By appointment only.

Direct sales to all Hawaiian islands and the Pacific Rim.