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Aerated Autoclaved Concrete
Can You Finance a Container Home?
Cheapest Possible Home?
Container Homes
Container Offices
Container Sales
Controlling/Preventing Rust

Heat Reflective Coatings
How to Build With Us
How to Choose a
    Shipping Container Company
Lavarunner Homes

Shed Video #1
Shed Video #2

Videos About the Big Island:
General Information

Building Code Changes

Hiring People
How to Be Successful Building
   a Home on the Big Island
How to Choose a Safe Lava Zone
How to Have Good Home Security

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AAC Homes- Aerated Autoclaved Concrete

Alternative Communities:
Alternative Communities
Hawaiian Farm Community

Alternative Power

Alternative Sanitation

Alternative Water Systems


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Drafting, Permits, Etc.
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NEW! Ohana Dwellings Now Legal on Oahu
Permitting FAQs
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FAQs about Shipping Containers to be used for Storage or Shipping Only
Renovations on Oahu and East Side of Big Island
Treating Rust for Long Life Span

Modular Homes & Structures:
NEW! First All-Steel Modular Structure in Hawaii
Modular Home Details
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Modular Home Plans

Modular Home Questionnaire

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Portable Homes & Structures:
Legal Single Container Apt.
Non-Profit systems
Portable Disaster Units
Portable LavaRunner Design

Portable Offices and Spare Rooms:
40' Container Office
10'x12' Office/Spare Room
Shipping Container Offices
Shipping Container Offices: Details

Shipping Container Sales:
Shipping Container Sales
Shipping Container Modification Ala Carte Pricing

Shipping Container Structures:
About Container Structures
Affordable Shipping Container Home Designs
Container Structure Questionnaire
Contemporary Designs
Shipping Container Structure FAQs
Simple Home While Building

Double-wide shipping container home

Steel Structures:
Heavy-Guage Steel Buildings
Light-Guage Steel Homes