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Portable Facilities for Non-Profit & other Service Agencies

The flexibility of mobile structures could really help service agencies and others get a start on their ambitious and worthy projects rather than stare at multi-million dollar properties and multi-million dollar budgets to build on that land. With mobile structures, they could obtain low-cost, short-term leases on land that has little or no infrastructure, and then move everything out after the lease expires onto another affordable leased property. That could be a very efficient way to use land. Many land owners are hesitant to give anyone a long-term lease because they do not want to lock into a long lease and find that they could have made a lot of money utilizing the land in a different way. With this ability to move in and set up quickly, a non-profit service agency or others could lock into, for example, a low cost lease for say 8 years and then move to another location after the lease is up. The moving and setting up is certainly not free, but the net expenditures could be a lot less than paying millions for land and structure, and paying property taxes etc. Many service agencies actually do not have much money, and investing in mobile structures and leasing in this way in a not so highly demanded and populated location might make the difference between operating or not operating. That is a positive effect for sure. There are many service agencies that deal with people such as alcoholics, drug addicts etc, and they often face great difficulty with communities that do not want them in their neighborhood. Why not get a lease in an area that is away from the infrastructure and congestion? With alternative power and sanitation systems, this is not only possible, but it is legal at the state, federal and county levels if you know which technologies to employ, and how to get things operating properly and efficiently. Land that no one thought had any use could be seen as now having a very productive use. Think about that. Click here to read more.