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Contemporary container home designed by Kauai Architect Tony DeJesus
Scroll down to read about this magnificent container home

Single container home   Double wide container home   Recent projects   Simple home while building

   We worked with Kauai Architect Tony DeJesus
   and his client, working out our processes involved
   in the fabrication of the containers for this magnificent
   home on a hill off Kaneohe bay drive on Oahu. The
   extensive glass work presented some interesting
   challenges for our production team, and also for the clients
   pocketbook! This kind of glass work is extremely expensive.
   We get enthusiastic clients all the time wanting expansive glass
   work on their container projects. Most of the time, they end up installing multiple
   6' glass sliders when they discover the cost of custom glass work, which is actually
   not an unpleasant compromise! Let us help you gain a sharp focus on your project design.

Currently, we are working with a group putting together a massive container compound of double-wide laboratories, double-wide living quarters and other container based facilities designed to be air transported to their next assignment and set up again in short order. We are the team of choice in Hawaii for container based structures and also residential projects built with conventional materials, light and heavy steel and alternative materials such as AAC (aerated autoclaved concrete). We are also Certified Builders with Rigid Global, the gold-standard in heavy frame steel buildings based in Houston, Texas. Very competitive pricing and the most financially stable organization in the industry.