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Inquiry form for container structure price quotation

Please fill-out each question as completely as possible. Feel free to elaborate on what you want in detail. If you want an accurate price quotation, you need to specify windows, doors, flooring, cabinets, counters, plumbing fixtures etc. If you can’t, we will furnish you with a rough estimate. Thank you!

Container structure questionaire

First, please tell us your name, email address and phone #.
Do you want to hire us to modify your containers, design your structure, obtain permits, manage your project or?
Roughly how many square feet of interior living space do you require? How many bedrooms and bathrooms? Do you want a traditional A-frame gabled roof, a shed style roof, or a single-ply system with no overhang? What type of flooring do you prefer? Do you want walls with insulation or prefer no insulation?
Do you want to keep the double metal doors that every container already has, or cut them off and either frame an entry or just seal up with metal for a nicer appearance?
How many doors and windows do you want? (If getting permits, code has a minimum number of sq ft per area for ventilation) Is lower cost, non-rusting vinyl ok, or any particular windows and doors that you want? Sliding or out-swinging with cranking hardware? Do you want secure windows that have thick metal that slides over the outside of all windows, and locks? (Not the most aesthetic but very secure), or perhaps you want security bars on the outside? Do you want ventilating skylights that let hot air rise out and lets sunlight in to help illuminate your interior during the day? (Highly recommended). If so, we recommend two or more depending on the total interior size.
What kind of kitchen counters and cabinetry do you want? (We recommend not using particle board, and have some very attractive designs that are a great value and not too expensive).
Do you want to insulate against heat and sound on the outside with ceramic coating? (highly recommended). We recommend new containers for the best experience. Do you want to first treat the surface rust properly before coating the outside of the structure? (highly recommended) Do you want to finish the outside walls of the containers for a more aesthetic appearance or just go with the “corrugated” metal that the containers already have? (expensive to cover outside walls)
Do you want extreme hurricane strength, or are code requirements adequate? Hurricane package includes additional foundational work, additional support on the roof structures, and can also include special windows made to withstand winds up to 145 MPH. These features drive the price up considerably.
Do you have a septic system in place, or do you plan on doing that sometime soon? Would you consider a flushing composting toilet or other alternative septic systems?
Is your land on the grid, or do you require photovoltaic power (solar power)?
Finally, what do you want to pay to have done, and what do you want to do yourself? The more you do yourself, the savings become very significant. We can help you organize your project and help you deal with hiring labor.

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