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Our New Plantation Style Modular Home Offerings

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Ohana Dwellings Now Legal on Oahu!

First All-Steel Modular Structure in Hawaii's History

  • ...Unloading starts
  • ...R13 PU foam insulated wall panels
  • ...Verifying inventory
  • ...Placing the floor slab
  • ...Floor slabs in place
  • ...Floor slabs secured to foundation
  • ...Inspecting fit of roof slabs
  • ...Modular frames done!
  • ...Roof trusses loaded
  • ...Securing roof trusses
  • ...Metal roof sheeting installed
  •  ...Left - Sales office  Right - 480 sq ft model home
  • ...Looking good
  • ...Happy
...Unloading starts1 ...R13 PU foam insulated wall panels2 ...Verifying inventory3 ...Placing the floor slab4 ...Floor slabs in place5 ...Floor slabs secured to foundation6 ...Inspecting fit of roof slabs7 ...Modular frames done!8 ...Roof trusses loaded9 ...Securing roof trusses10 ...Metal roof sheeting installed11  ...Left - Sales office  Right - 480 sq ft model home12 ...Looking good13 ...Happy14

We have been hard at work behind the scenes developing our all-steel Modular Home offerings. Click on the links above for details.

The slideshow above shows a 480 sq ft model home on Kauai and sales office being constructed. We do not need such heavy crane etc to build yours, that is what was available on Kauai for the contractor for that job and for that client, so that is what was used. You are seeing our all-steel modular product being assembled. We have spent a lot of money and expended a lot of effort to bring this fully approved product to Hawaii.

Benefits of our Modular Homes

Fast permits- We have full approval with Oahu and Kauai bldg depts for these modular homes. We are in the process of getting a 480 sq ft unit pre-approved on the big island and are working a project thru Maui County bldg dept. Pre-approved structures means a bldg permit is issued very quickly. We are hopeful that Hawaii County will get our 480 sq ft home pre approved for us soon. We understand that 480 sq ft is not going to be large enough for many, but it is where we chose to start as far as pre approved homes. Hawaii County bldg dept is super busy and things like this take time. We will let you know when that is accomplished. Meanwhile we have larger projects in process at Hawaii County going thru the normal permitting process and can do the same for you. It is ready to go now for Hawaii County.

Reasonable cost-  Labor in Hawaii is super expensive, and these homes are quick to build, saving you time, money and hassle. Your total cost to build any home depends on many factors such as location and condition of your lot, foundation requirements, roof system desired, type of counters and cabinets, solar or on-demand gas water heating system, PV solar, wastewater system etc. Call or email us to go thru an estimate of your costs. Our all-steel modular home is a high quality, durable product with no drywall inside, and virtually wood free. We worked very hard negotiating with our manufacturer, who explains that creating market ready, USA compliant homes is a lot more costly than non-compliant homes, which are a dime a dozen. You will not find another company with an all-steel modular home product that can be used legally in Hawaii. Everything is moving towards modular, partly because time is money, and these homes are quick to build.

All-Steel Modular Homes on the Big Isle

High quality and durability- Steel frames bolt together for a very strong home that exceeds all building codes in Hawaii. Wall panels are closed cell polyurethane foam and sheet metal sandwich with insulation r values that meet even Oahu’s tough r13 code requirement, and is excellent for mold resistance! Exterior walls are flat steel that are hot dipped in galv-alum and electrostatically painted with silicone polyester paint, similar to what is done with metal roofing. Interior walls are also steel. No drywall here! Very strong in wind and seismic events. We are using locally sourced roof trusses available in wood or galvanized steel.

Ultimate DIY assembly- There is not a simpler or faster home to build, and if you want, you can do everything yourself minus the electrical and plumbing for those DIY’ers out there. You can drive the cost of your new home down by a significant amount! Frame members bolt together, wall panels slip into track on the floor and are secured by steel atop via heavy duty steel hardware. Electrical system is inside the wall panels and flush mounted, and plumbing is exactly like doing a single wall home that many who grew up in Hawaii are familiar with

Fastest homes to build on the planet- In less than two months, your home can be ready to move into if everyone is synchronized with each other.

Completely re-configurable and portable- Container homes cannot be re-configured but modular can. The wall panels can be unscrewed, frames can even be moved and re-positioned, and desired wall panels with doors and windows of your choosing can be re-attached to the modular frames. No other system can do that, and the entire home can be taken apart fairly quickly and moved to another lot for whatever reason such as the neighbor from hell moving next door unexpectedly.

Here is how the process works:

Choose from one of our designs or design your own. We dont charge for design, within reason of course!

Have your building area graded and prepared for construction.

Our team determines the foundation, windload and seismic requirements and gets the drafting and permitting process underway. If you go with a pre approved home, the permitting process is super fast. Currently we are working on a 480 sq ft pre approved home, which certainly wont work for everyone, but we hope to have larger pre approved homes available. That takes time, so your patience is appreciated!

When the building permit is issued, its time to break ground on your foundation, square and level it all up and start bolting together the steel framework yourself, or have our building team do it for you.

Slip in and secure all wall panels. Electrical is easier and faster than conventional stick homes.

Secure the roof trusses and roofing. We recommend a shed style roof for both low cost and looks. Google shed roof and you will find that they are all the rage now, and we have always loved their looks. Meanwhile, the plumber and electrician do their work.

Build stairs, landings, lanai’s etc, and skirt the home if you wish as it is on a post and pier foundation (above ground).

Install appliances, interior built-ins like closet systems, shelving, towel racks, grab bars etc.

Pour yourself an ice-cold lemonade and tell the world how happy you are owning your very own hi-quality, truly affordable modular home in Hawaii!

You can email us a floor plan you see online and we can try and tweak it to work with this modular product. Keep in mind the modules are 8' x 20', so not all floor plans can be accomplished, but we can figure out how to best make it work.