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Inquiry form for Modular home price quotation

Please fill-out each question as completely as possible. Feel free to elaborate on what you want in detail. You can answer “bare minimum” to any question, and we know what you mean.

Modular home questionaire

First, please tell us your name, email address and other contact info.
Do you want to purchase a home kit by itself, hire us to manage the construction of your home via an owner-builder permit, or enlist a licensed general contractor? Home kits include pre-approved plans with your plot plan stamped by an architect, material list, materials not cut to size, doors, windows, hardware, flooring and what ever else you order for your home.
Which configuration fits you best? See our modular homes page to view the different configurations. We recommend a U-shaped home with large lanai. How many bedrooms and bathrooms are you wanting? Do you want to work with one of our pre-approved plans or would you prefer a custom designed structure? It is possible to pre-approve your custom plans if we like the design and feel that others will also. Pre-approved greatly speeds up the time it takes to obtain permits.
Roughly how many square feet of interior living space do you require? Are you ok with a traditional metal roof? If not, what kind of roof do you prefer? What type of flooring (if any) do you prefer? Do you want interior walls constructed from drywall with a painted finish (lowest cost), drywall with wallpaper, hardwood veneer sheeting finished with clear polyurethane finish, or a combination of wallpaper and hardwood sheeting or paint and wallpaper? Do you want to insulate on the inside of the interior walls?
Are lower cost, non-rusting vinyl windows ok, or any particular windows and doors that you want? Sliding or out-swinging with cranking hardware? French style, etc? Do you want secure windows with security bars on the outside? (not the prettiest, but more secure) Do you want special hurricane rated windows? (significantly higher cost)
What kind of kitchen counters and cabinetry do you want? (We recommend not using particle board, and have some very attractive designs that are a great value and not too expensive).
Do you want extreme hurricane strength, or are code requirements adequate? Hurricane package includes additional foundational work, additional support on the roof structures, and can also include special windows made to withstand winds up to 145 MPH if desired. These features drive the price up considerably.
Do you have a septic system in place, or do you plan on doing that sometime soon? Would you consider a flushing composting toilet if you are a smaller family and only need one bathroom? This option is less than half the cost of digging a septic system, but does not accommodate unlimited users. See our info on the alternative septic systems page.
Is your land on the grid, or do you require photovoltaic power (solar power)?
If you need or want solar, ask us for our questionnaire so we can determine what kind of system is best for your needs. You can go solar on the grid if you wish to. We recommend it if you can afford to do so.
Finally, what do you want to pay to have done, and what do you want to do yourself? We can tailor custom pkgs to suit, but if you want to do anything yourself, that means it must be an owner-builder permit scenario only.

Affordable Portable
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