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Affordable homeless shelter solutions for Hawaii

We developed both designs below for the homeless population with the thought that if each person or couple had their own secure space, they might be more willing to get off the beaches and parks and out of the weather. Of course we envision bathrooms that folks can hopefully share, but the main concept is that each person or family can have their own secure and private space at a very reasonable cost to taxpayers. We would like to see programs where the homeless would contribute to their temporary shelter once they see how much better their life is with a secure and private space, and then move forward from there. Email us your thoughts regarding our homeless shelters on this page that are designed for individual occupants vs centralized multiple family structures.

Our latest creation- portable steel frame sheds, offices, spare rooms, guard shacks etc. The entire frame is steel, and the structure's outside walls are hardy cement-based siding, which is fire resistant and very attractive. A 10 x 12 structure with electrical, ceiling fan, flooring and completely finished interior is on special for only $5999. for the 3 demos we have built, which are available for your inspection on Oahu. You can finance through First Hawaiian Bank, or OHA if you are part Hawaiian, or in-house at $2250. total amt down and $250/month for 24 months. We can custom make any size, with your choice of windows, doors, flooring, cabinets and counters, electrical, plumbing etc, or bare bones. Call for pricing on the size and options that you want. On custom made units, you can specify all materials, siding- everything. Not as durable as a shipping container structure, but much lower cost, and very attractive with that hardy siding vs corrugated container walls. Call us for a no-pressure consultation at 808-339-5639.

Below photos are of our 8x15 homeless shelter made from steel shipping containers. The cost is about 30% higher than our steel frame shelters, but can withstand the stresses of moving much better.