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2-Story Home

Here is our latest shipping container home design, made from 4- 40’ hi-cube shipping containers. It is 1280 sq ft plus total lanai space of  400+ sq ft. There are lanai’s on both levels which are 200+ sq ft each. The outside stairway is connected to a landing just opposite the front landing you see in this drawing, giving you two totally separate living spaces. The roof design shown is an option. A simpler gabled roof is less expensive to build. There are also new roofing membranes if you do not require any shading from a gabled roof with over hang. We are working on different floor plans, and are available to design your own custom floor plan. If more space is desired, a similar design can be made using 3 containers on each floor for a total of six containers. That would give you 1920 sq ft plus total lanai areas of 625 sq ft. It is so easy to add a 20’ container adjoining the ground floor for a laundry and/or storage room. The entire home is sitting on a post and pier foundation that is 2’ off-ground and very affordable to build. These days, it makes sense for most folks to be off the ground a bit with all the severe weather we are experiencing. You can build this on a slab if you want, but the cost is quite a bit higher. Give us a call for more details.

Affordable Portable Housing

Oahu headquarters- 14 Aulike St. #909, Kailua, HI 96734 808-953-2005. By appointment only.
Container modification facilities at Kalaeloa, Oahu. (Near Campbell Industrial Park.)
By appointment only.

Direct sales to all Hawaiian islands and the Pacific Rim.